About Us

Cioty is a Smart City makerspace community for development of Real Time Web prototypes and demos.


Make amazing things together

The story about Real Time Web collective development is about facilitating creativity through a global network. Our ecosystem fundamentally lowers the technological and economical threshold to innovate. The result is massive business opportunities and real life problem solving.

The driving force behind the Real Time Web will be the increasing demand to connect the physical and virtual world. We address the same kind of creativity that Minecraft has on people who invest in their virtual worlds. Only in our case, creativity will successively impact the physical world. In our safe environment, making sure everyone gets their share, we encourage people to collaborate, test their ideas, develop applications and work on each other’s accomplishments.

Worth keeping in mind, is that all though the potential and our belief in the Real Time Web is unlimited, Your success depend on these simple insights:

  1. As a creator you must find out that collective network exist and believe that this is the future
  2. Individuals need to realise that morphic development represent the biggest potential for them
  3. Synx Hive enables an Real Time Web ecosystem where the creativity of our users is what generates value

We are excited to see where the creative community of the world will take the Real Time Web. After all, the network will expand through individuals and teams, passionate to make amazing things together.

Our Creator

cIoTy is hosted by the Norwegian deep tech company Nornir using an installation of their Synx HIVE platform.

Synx HIVE is a collective network that follows Morphic Architecture Design (MAD) principles. More information on the HIVE collective can be found at SynxHive.com along with beginners guide and tutorials.

For IoT developers it’s recommended to visit Nornir.academy for tips and tricks. Nornir Developer Kits can be purchased at Nornir.shop. The kit provide a good introduction to IoT development using MAD.