About Us

Cioty is a Smart City makerspace community for development of Real Time Web prototypes and demos.


Make amazing things together

The story about Real Time Web collective development is about facilitating creativity through a global network. Our ecosystem fundamentally lowers the technological and economical threshold to innovate. The result is massive business opportunities and real life problem solving.

The driving force behind the Real Time Web will be the increasing demand to connect the physical and virtual world. We address the same kind of creativity that Minecraft has on people who invest in their virtual worlds. Only in our case, creativity will successively impact the physical world. In our safe environment, making sure everyone gets their share, we encourage people to collaborate, test their ideas, develop applications and work on each other’s accomplishments.

Worth keeping in mind, is that all though the potential and our belief in the Real Time Web is unlimited, Your success depend on these simple insights:

  1. As a creator you must find out that collective network exist and believe that this is the future
  2. Individuals need to realise that morphic development represent the biggest potential for them
  3. Synx Hive enables an Real Time Web ecosystem where the creativity of our users is what generates value

We are excited to see where the creative community of the world will take the Real Time Web. After all, the network will expand through individuals and teams, passionate to make amazing things together.


Behind the scene - Cioty MakerSpace

Imagine a smart city network where the network intelligence moves around in the network and becomes available to apps and IoT devices when needed. Imagine that you can share data from your devices with anyone you like when you decide it. Imagine that you are in control of your own data, data that originated from everything that belongs to you like your intelligent coffee machine, your bicycle, your alarm system, your web service and more. Now, imagine you are a developer that wants to create such a system. Cioty Makerspace provides the best technology in the market that you can use to create your internet of everything solution. You will be able to do it 50 times faster and it’s all free!    

Upgraded TCP/IP

One of the key things to understand is that a Hive Collective is built on an upgraded network stack. The network has been enhanced with Synx, an distributed network operating system developed by Nornir that operates in multiple layers and can execute events vertically up and down the ISO layers. The Hive also distributes data horizontally p2p between network resources and can be used to create stateful HTTP/HTTPS POST requests to support bidirectional linking topology. Websocket connectivity is also supported and you may toggle between different data formats like XML or Json to feed your application, IoE device or other intelligent network resource. So using Hive technology like Synx, you will need to rethink how you design applications. All the hassle about setting up a server, developing middleware and program interfaces (API) is no longer necessary. In fact you don’t even need a database to sustain your service or deal with suser verification and session handling. 

CiotY Makerspace Platform – World First Hive Mind DNS.

The Cioty is a local Domain Name Service (DNS) for your Morphic Service. It also acts as a graphical interface towards Synx. Synx is originally a command line distributed program developed by the company Nornir and comes with access management to control network resources and administrates how they are being morphed in the network. Morphic service represents intelligence in the network and by linking data between services the collective become more and more intelligent. A network resource can then inherit this intelligence by joining a Morphic service and move user access to support data availability.  

No database
Synx follows the Morphic Architecture Design and does not persist data from network resources. The only thing that is stored is the DNS information so the domain can be mapped by a public IP address. So if the service provider wants to log data, this can be achieved by connecting a database to the network morphed against the right service. The Hive treath all network resources the same. Access to data is determined by who you are and all network resources are available to you at any given time and place. 

Our Creator

cIoTy is hosted by the Norwegian deep tech company Nornir using an installation of their Synx HIVE platform.

Synx HIVE is a collective network that follows Morphic Architecture Design (MAD) principles. More information on the HIVE collective can be found at SynxHive.com along with beginners guide and tutorials.

For IoT developers it’s recommended to visit Nornir.academy for tips and tricks. Nornir Developer Kits can be purchased at Nornir.shop. The kit provide a good introduction to IoT development using MAD.