Welcome to the Open Smart City HIVE Collective Network

The place to start collaborate with other IoT vendors to create the ultimate solution to solve your industrial problem.

Ultrafast prototyping

Access the fastest integrated open platform for developing services with machine intelligence embedded into it.

Connect with anything

Connect any network resources created in the past and future with the present.

Ownership control

Secure your smart devices and objects and control your privacy and data distribution in the network.

Access HIVE Collective

Synx Pass

Tool handling authentication and identification in the network

Synx Domain

Tool handling domain and service registration


Tool handling runtime command network options

Need IoT Hardware To Test On?

We have bundled up a nice ESP kit for you to get started on your IoT development.

Going Big?

Build Your Own Machine network

Pro Hive

Choose your own root domain and get Hive as a Service. Perfect for small and medium size enterprises with developer teams that wants to build their own private collective network. This Pro package is the same that is used by Cioty. Set up you own makerspace or run your data driven projects with huge cost reduction. The private Pro Hive platform is supported by Nornir.

Enterprise Hive

Build large ecosystems controlling domain DNS, and invite partners and perform cross silo communications. Achieve wireless Smart City coverage. It’s perfect for medium and large enterprises with several developer teams and large IoT infrastructure requirements. The private Enterprise Hive platform is supported by Nornir.